Readwok - progressive online text reader

Change your reading experience.

The Reader with a progressive viewing mode. Just upload your text (epub, fb2, txt...) and read it on a mobile or desktop device. Edit and personalize the text as you read.

readwok demo
Tablets and mobile devices
- Sync data among devices
- Switch from a desktop to a mobile device seamlessly

Continue reading on your phone or tablet, as you would on a desktop computer.

mobile, tablet, desktop
Paragraph reading mode
- Easy to focus your attention and track last reading position
- Single paragraph mode, autoplay mode
- Share a paragraph link with your friends

Split and read any wall of text paragraph by paragraph.

Dark theme and settings
- 100+ backgrounds
- 100+ fonts

Set up a comfortable reading mode for you.

beautiful themes
Read like this
Read in Fabric plaid theme with OpenDyslexic font
Read in Black linen theme with Atkinson Hyperlegible font
Read in Brushed alu theme with Atkinson Hyperlegible font
Read in Beige tiles theme with Jost font
Read in Blackmamba theme with Jost font
Read in Sakura theme with Alice font
built-in editor
Inline editor
- Make your own version of your favorite text
- Read only what matters to you
- Merge, add or delete as you like

Correct a typo, delete an excess paragraph or create a completely new text.