The Reader with a progressive viewing mode

Readwok allows you to read paragraph by paragraph. Just upload your text (epub, html, fb2, txt...) and read it on a mobile or desktop device. Edit and personalize the text as you read.

readwok demo
Tablets and mobile devices
- Sync data among devices
- Switch from a desktop to a mobile device seamlessly

Continue reading on your phone or tablet, as you would on a desktop computer.

mobile, tablet, desktop
Paragraph reading mode
- Easy to focus your attention and track last reading position
- Single paragraph mode
- Share a paragraph link with your friends

Split and read any wall of text paragraph by paragraph.

Dark theme and settings
- 100+ backgrounds
- 100+ fonts

Set up a comfortable reading mode for you.

beautiful themes
built-in editor
Inline editor
- Make your own version of your favorite text
- Read only what matters to you
- Merge, add or delete as you like

Correct a typo, delete an excess paragraph or create a completely new text.

Sounds interesting?