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Readwok - is online text reader with a progressive viewing mode, which allows you to read paragraph by paragraph and edit as you read.

This way of reading makes it easy to focus your attention on what you are reading at the moment, without being distracted by the text around it.

Try it! Just upload a text, epub, fb2, txt... or copy and paste a wall of text to split it up and start reading, no signup required.


  • Continue reading on your phone or tablet, as you would on a desktop computer.
  • Edit a text while reading it, delete an excess paragraph or correct a typo.
  • A wide range of fonts and themes.

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Contact the developer

Hi, my name is Oleg, and I love to read in my free time. So, I created a text reader that helps me read and process information more easily. Try it, and you may also find this way of reading more convenient.

Found a bug, have an idea, or just want to give feedback? Please use the.

The Readwok reader is made with such great tools as react.js, node.js, koa.js, typescript...