How to read more and better with an online text reading tool? Features and use cases. -

Step by step reading can help you to read more deeply and carefully. Readwok has three modes to help you read the text paragraph by paragraph. This way of reading makes it easy to focus your attention and track last reading position.

With Readwok it`s really easy to read epub, mobi or fb2 books online. Just drag-n-drop your file to upload and add it to the reading list. No sign-up required! Uploaded book will be automatically divided into paragraphs while processing.

Step1 - Upload
Readwok upload epub file
Step2 - Reading list
Readwok reading list
Step3 - Reader
Readwok reader

No need to tap on the next paragraph button every time. The autoplay button will help you to read your book without any interactions from your side. Moreover, you can set up a comfortable text play speed by adjusting the time-per-symbol setting.

Play button
Text autoplay button
Autoplay mode
Text player
Speed setting
Time per char speed setting

Split it into little beautiful pieces! Do you have a big bunch of text that you need to read? Or are you just looking for a text splitting tool? There is a lot of various text content that will never be published by any publisher. So how to read such raw, unformatted text in the most convenient way? Readwok is a tool to turn any plain unformatted text into a modern interactive format.

Wall of text
How to read wall of text
Copy-paste wall of text
Split and read
Wall of text splitter

Readwok is more than just a reading tool. Encountered a typo? Want to get rid of unnecessary foreword? Or do you have your own vision of your favorite text? With Readwok you can edit your uploaded book while reading it. Or you can create a completely new text from the scratch.

Create a new text
Create a new text
Correct a typo
Epub correct a typo
Remove unwanted content
Epub editor

100+ themes and fonts! Set up a comfortable reading mode for you. Just take a look at these examples or use a style selector.

Continue reading on your phone or tablet, as you would on a desktop computer. Uploaded files and the last reading position are automatically synchronized among devices. Also, the Readwok reader easily adapts to any screen size.

Readwok desktop epub reader
Readwok tablet epub reader
Readwok mobile phone epub reader