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Readwok - is an online text reader with a progressive viewing mode. It is a tool to turn any plain unformatted text into a modern interactive format. It is a way to read paragraph by paragraph, in order to read and process information more easily.
Double check the format of the uploaded file, and make sure it is one of the supported text formats. It is also possible that the problem is because of a bad connection or a large file size (more than 70MB).
Epub, fb2, txt, and some others. Try uploading to find out.
Not supported: pdf, djvu, pptx, mod, xls, chm.
Yes, but only for authorized users.
- saving data
- syncing data among devices
- creating shelves to organize texts
- bookmark any paragraph you like
- making a text accessible by a direct link

The list of features available only to authorized users may change over time.

Currently, only the latest versions of popular browsers are supported.

Thanks! Use the app to read, report bugs, tell others about us, share a direct link to our website.

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You can only edit text that you have uploaded. While reading, click on the paragraph, and an action menu will appear. Then click on the corresponding icon to switch to editing mode.
Yes, use the settings while reading to set up a comfortable reading mode.
Check out the spam folder in your email account, and try again. If the email has not arrived, write to us at support@readwok.com
Not yet. You can use our web application to read on your device's browser. It adapts well to any screen size.