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Reading is very important no matter if you’re a student, a millionaire or someone which enjoys great stories. It's something that should be a part of everyone’s life these days. However, reading is only a part of the process. You also want to comprehend what you’re reading, which is why reading comprehension is so important at this time. Which makes you wonder; how can you improve your reading comprehension? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Enhance your vocabulary

It’s a good idea to take a vocabulary quiz, this will help you identify the current vocabulary level and where you can go from there. Flashcards can be used to quiz yourself on words you don’t know very well. Additionally, you can read new things in order to boost your vocabulary as much as possible.

Reading paragraph by paragraph

One of the reading comprehension issues many people face is the fact that they tend to read large chunks of text at once. If you want to have better reading comprehension, the best idea is to start reading paragraph by paragraph. This makes it easier to understand the meaning of that paragraph, and it will just make the experience a much better one.

Readwok has three modes to help you read the text paragraph by paragraph.

Use the context for clues

Yes, using context clues makes it easier to understand what you are reading. These clues are be found in sentences and words around that word you don’t know very well. Once you understand the context, it’s a lot easier to improve your reading comprehension.

Remove any distraction

It can be difficult to understand a topic if you’re constantly distracted. Which is why it makes sense to stop checking social media and any other similar distraction. If you focus on the content, it’s definitely easier to figure out what it’s all about and your reading comprehension will improve exponentially. Choosing a place with quiet surroundings can help as well.

Choose your reading style to read in a clean and distraction-free way.

Read slowly

Many of us tend to speed up the reading process to finish a book faster. The problem is that our reading comprehension has to suffer because of that. A good way to understand everything you read is to just read slowly. Sure, that means you’re spending more time reading that book. But in the end it will lead to a much better experience.

Start reading aloud

Reading aloud can help you a lot and it will help you improve your reading comprehension very quickly. It does take a bit of a trial and error as you try to read aloud properly, but in the end it will do its job and improve the way you comprehend everything.

Read previous sections of the text

This is another great idea, because it will help you improve how well you understand the context with more clarity. Some people also read upcoming sections of text quickly, and then more in-depth. All these ideas help bring in more context, and that’s certainly something to take into consideration as much as you can.

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